DAYS until
the elections in lebanon


We are a community of independent Lebanese patriots with diverse backgrounds and age groups who believe that the way for a prosperous and stable future for Lebanon is to drive political change by enabling the emergence of new political leaders, fully committed to serving the national interest.

  • We are not a party, not a lobby group, not a think tank
  • We believe elections are the starting point for political change
  • We are focused on all regions in Lebanon
  • We have no partisan interests
  • We are engaging a global diaspora network
  • We have a full-time team on the ground working every day towards our mission
  • We are putting in place an electoral infrastructure
  • We are committed to best-in-class governance


The application of the Lebanese Constitution and the Taef Agreement , are the starting point for our principles:

A strong government with monopoly over use of force and protection of the country

Sovereignty and distanciation; Lebanon's interest comes first

Broad administrative decentralization

Non-sectarian system that protects all Lebanese citizens

Independent judiciary and the rule of law

Freedom of speech and assembly

Free market principles through inclusive growth

Gender equality in all areas of public life


  • Patriotism We put our nation first
  • Unity of Purpose We keep our minds and efforts laser focused on realizing our purpose
  • Agility We leverage our diverse experiences and expertise to work pragmatically at the speed of trust
  • Social Responsibility We aim to provide a sustainable benefit to society across social class, age, religion and orientation and strive for gender equality in all areas of public life
  • Meritocracy We maintain a high bar for having the most qualified people in the right position
  • Accountability We hold ourselves and public figures accountable in full transparency for words and deeds

Members of Operations Committee

The Executive Team

Our Team

We have a team of professionals dedicated to executing our mission. The Nahwal Watan team brings expertise in electoral management, political organizing, the application of technology for a public interest, community management, marketing and communications.


We are working with city captains and city committees to mobilize voters in their respective areas. As of now, we will have diaspora hubs in the following cities:

  • Austria - Vienna
  • Germany - Berlin
  • Russia - Moscow
  • Australia - Sydney
  • Greece - Athens
  • Switzerland - Geneva
  • Belgium - Brussels
  • Hungary - Budapest
  • Turkey - Istanbul
  • Brazil
  • Italy - Rome
  • UAE - Abu Dhabi
  • Cameroon
  • Ivory Coast - Yamoussoukro
  • UAE - Dubai
  • Canada - Halifax
  • KSA - Dammam
  • UK - London
  • Canada - Mississauga
  • KSA - Jeddah
  • USA - Connecticut
  • Canada - Toronto
  • Kuwait - Kuwait City
  • USA - Massachusetts
  • Colombia - Bogota
  • Luxembourg
  • USA - Michigan
  • Cyprus - Nicosia
  • Mexico - Mexico City
  • USA - New York
  • France - Lyon
  • Netherlands - Amsterdam
  • USA - Virginia
  • France - Paris
  • Qatar - Doha
  • USA - Washington DC
  • Gabon - Libreville


  • Serve the national interest of Lebanon; only Lebanon
  • Not run for public office during the 2020 elections
  • Have no allegiance to any political party
  • Remain transparent about our motives, relationships, alliances, and finances
  • Remain non-sectarian and not discriminate against any Lebanese citizen or group


We will partner with local or diaspora independent organisations working towards the same goal and espousing the same values.