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the elections in lebanon

A seminar organized by Nawhal watan with the CEO of Statistics Lebanon Rabih Haber on the latest Statistics and polls in the electoral districts

Clarification Statement from “Nahwal Watan”

“Nahwal Watan” (Towards One Nation) announces that it is continuing its work and tasks with its entire team, electoral machine, regional coordinators and volunteers intact, under the management of its co-founders, Rindala Beydoun and Ali Abdel Latif.

In response to what was mentioned in certain media outlets and social media pages, “Nahwal Watan” would like to clarify that the signing of the Proposed Terms of Merger with “Kulluna Irada” did not translate into a final agreement or the implementation of the merger process as certain conditions were not met. As such, the management of “Nahwal Watan” and its team decided not to proceed with the consummation of the merger due to a radical disagreement with “Kulluna Irada” on the strategy, as “Nahwal Watan” believes firmly in the principles of the October 17 Revolution from which it emerged and works solely on supporting a new political class focused on change.

“Nahwal Watan” management remains open to coordinating and cooperating with “Kulluna Irada” and others in ways that serve the change process towards building the nation that we all aspire to.

For more information on “Nahwal Watan”, please visit the website www.nahwalwatan.org

Rindala Beydoun on Sawt El Ghad Australia

Lebanon Needs You! Fill This Form

The upcoming parliamentary elections of 2022 will be a turning point in our country’s future. The Lebanese diaspora’s voice shall be heard this time and will be crucial in driving change in Lebanon. One of our main goals is to engage and mobilise the Lebanese diaspora systematically to rally their votes and connect them with local efforts in order to increase voters’ turnout. We urge you to fill this form (link below) that is targeted solely towards Lebanese residing outside of Lebanon. It will require only 2 minutes and all your personal information shall be treated as per the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).


Change Has Started … What is Nahwal Watan?

A news report summarizing Nahwal Watan’s goals, vision and strategy on Al Jadeed TV. You can watch the report on the link below.


Ali Abdel Latif and Rindala Beydoun on Sar el Wa2et on MTV Lebanon

After their banners took over the streets, who are “Nahwal Watan”?

What is “Nahwal Watan” planning?

Ali Abdel Latif announcing Nahwal Watan movement on “Beirut Al Yawm” at MTV

Firas Abi Nassif on “Nharkom Said” on LBCI

An interview with Firas Abi Nassif on the LBCI, in which he discussed the investigations of the Swiss authorities regarding the central bank, restructuring the banking sector, and necessary reform measures that the state does not implement.