DAYS until
the elections in lebanon


  • What is Nahwal Watan and who is behind it?
  • Is Nahwal Watan (NAW) a political party?
  • What is your goal? How will you achieve it?
  • Who runs this platform? Do you have a team?
  • How do you ensure the highest standards of governance?
  • Will NAW directly fund political parties?
  • How are you working on creating an infrastructure for the election campaign?
  • How is Nahwal Watan funded?
  • Do you accept donations from corporations, politically affiliated entities, or non-Lebanese?
  • Will you have candidates represented across all districts of Lebanon?
  • How will you select the candidates you support? How will you ensure they are representative of the Lebanese population?
  • What role are you playing if any on the syndicate elections?
  • What groups have joined the coalition so far?
  • Will you ally with the traditional political parties?
  • Will you run for elections?
  • What guarantees that the civil society brings about the change it's calling for?
  • How are you mobilizing the diaspora to register to vote?
  • Is NAW a diaspora organization?
  • Will you disclose your financial statements that show your funding sources?