DAYS until
the elections in lebanon


Our goal is to mobilise voters and facilitate the formation of a single main opposition candidate list by focusing on 6 pillars.

  • Diaspora Mobilisation
    Engage and mobilise the diaspora systematically to rally their votes and connect them with local efforts
  • Electoral Campaign Infrastructure
    Deploy a full elections management team to run the elections process on a comprehensive basis
  • Grassroots Engagement & Local Outreach
    Organise grassroots effort bottom up and across the whole country especially targeting the youth, liaise with opposition political parties, groups and independents, and identify, support and promote qualified candidates for parliament and public service
  • Sustained Media & Communication Strategy
    Multi-channel/social media strategy with strong spokespersons at the core
  • Transparent Fundraising
    Fundraise globally with clear targets and timelines
  • Voter Turnout
    Mobilize and maximize voter turnout
  • Regional coalitions
    Enable regional coalitions leading to a national electoral coalition of emerging political parties and groups and independent candidates
  • Electoral List
    Facilitate a single main change movement electoral list driven by the electoral coalition
  • Support
    Support the main change movement electoral list

Political Vision

Nahwal Watan aspires to the establishment of Lebanon, a sovereign free and democratic country, where the constitution is the basis of the legitimacy of political authority and political change takes place through the ballot box and constitutional institutions, in accordance with the following fundamental principles


Candidate Selection Criteria

The coalition of emerging political parties and groups, independent candidates, youth groups, and civil society, will agree on a transparent process and criteria for candidate selection. Efforts will be focused on forming one unified national electoral list.

We have a transparent candidate selection criterion. Candidates should:

Believe in the necessity of enforcing a non-sectarian governance system

Be clear of any suspicion of corruption or misconduct

Not be affiliated to any political party from the regime

Be committed to equality among all citizens

Be aligned with our political and economic vision and principles

Be willing to abide by an agreed code of conduct

Donor's Criteria

We practice what we preach! Transparency and accountability. We commit to be transparent about the nature of our funding and how it is being used. All our budgets will be audited by an external auditor and published on a semi-annual basis. All funders above $5000 will go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) process as well as a vetting procedure by Re/think ME Ltd, an external and reputable ethics and vetting organization based in the "International Financial Center" in Dubai.

  • Lebanese donors only
  • No donations by institutional entities
  • No donations from politically affiliated individuals
  • Maximum contribution per donor not to exceed 10% of our annual budget

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